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    To take a Holistic approach to teach our children to learn to love God.


To obey the Great Commandment: “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.”
  1. Heart = Compassion
  2. Mind = Curiosity
  3. Soul = Wonder
  4. Strength = Energy
  5. Our children will learn to love God by not only learning about the Bible, but how all aspects of life are part of loving God. With the heart, we will learn to love God by having compassion for people and the things that God cares about. We will love Him with our minds by learning not only Scripture but using our intellectual knowledge. We will love Him with our soul by cultivating wonder through God’s creation and our creative abilities. And we will love God with our strength by using our energy to help people and serve others’ needs.


  1. Sundays
    • Worship and chronological study of the word using the Gospel Project curriculum which show children how each story of the Bible is woven into the Big Story of Jesus Christ.
  2. Fridays
    • A rotations of Bible studies, science activities that reveal that God created all things, art activities that inspire wonder of the beauty of the creation of God, and fellowship activities to encourage children to learn to be part of the community of Christ.
  3. Yearly
    • New Year Service, Easter, Graduation, VBS, Thanksgiving, Samaritan’s Purse, and Christmas.
Kids - Children of God
Identity – In Christ
Dream – the Kingdom of God
Signature – of Jesus Christ